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Sunday at 2

2003 release on the Spreckels organ, San Diego, California, USA The largest outdoor organ in the world.


Dedicated to Douglas Ian Duncan San Diego Civic Organist from 1957 until 1978 Carol Williams San Diego Civic Organist Artistic Director of the Spreckels Orgarn Society, International Concert Organist and Host of the travel DVD series "TourBus" to the King of Instruments.

Carol Williams, British concert organist, is the first woman to be appointed Civic Organist in the World. Trained at London's Royal Academy of Music, Yale University and Manhattan School of Music where she earned her DMA. Carol has been awarded many prizes for organ performance. Her concerts have taken her from Westminster Abbey to Beijing's Forbidden City Concert Hall. In the USA, Carol is represented by Phillip Truckenbrod Concert Artists. In the UK, Carol is represented by PVA Management.

Spanish Military March (Humphrey John Stewart)
Under the Stars (Humphrey John Stewart)
Fanfare (Royal Albert Brown)
Waltz of the Flowers (Pyotr Tchaikovsky)
Fanfare for the Common Man (Aaron Copland)
Sunset, Op.69 (Edwin H. Lemare)
Praeludium in e (The Greater) (Nicolaus Bruhns)
Aria (Suite in D) (J.S. Bach, arr J. Stuart Archer)
Dankpsalm Op.145 No.2 (Max Reger)
Trumpet Tune and Air (Henry Purcell)
On a Spring Note (Sidney Torch)
Amazing Grace! How Sweet the Sound (arr. George Shearing)
Flapperette (Jesse Greer)
Under the Double Eagle (J.F. Wagner)
    (audio sample now playing)
Moonglow (Will Hudson)
Toccata, Symphony No.5, Op.42 (Charles-Marie Widor)

Program Notes:

Every Sunday afternoon between two and three o'clock, no matter the weather, the great Austin organ sings forth from the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park. Local residents and tourists from all over the world come to see and hear this unique instrument in its picturesque setting. The Sunday afternoon programs are designed to tempt the listener into the world of the King of Instruments and this CD is aimed to be a typical Sunday afternoon program in the Park.

As a tribute to this city, I have included some music of British born Humphrey John Stewart, the first Civic Organist of San Diego, appointed in 1917 and continuing until 1932. Before leaving the UK, Stewart had established Trinity College of Music in London. Stewart held various posts in the USA, and was one of the founders of the American Guild of Organists and was also the official organist for the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. Whilst in San Diego, he was organist of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cathedral and also served as Mayor of Coronado. I have included his magical "Under the Stars"... a piece that fits the atmosphere of the Pavilion so well, plus his "Spanish Military March", arranged from the music-drama "Gold". Royal Albert Brown came to the Spreckels Organ as Stewart's assistant in 1918 and he studied with Stewart and later with Marcel Dupre. He was appointed Civic organist in 1932 and remained until 1954. Fanfare was written for the opening of the live broadcasts that came from the Park and although short, it displays the pungent reeds of the fine Austin. These organ works were given to me by my dear friend Douglas Ian Duncan (b. 1925) who became Civic Organist in 1957 and remained until 1978. He also served as organist and choir director at the Naval Training Center in Point Loma.

The remainder of the program displays the various schools of music plus a number of lighter works. To me, the instrument is one of the most versatile I have encountered. From Duke Ellington to Max Reger, the Austin is able to provide the palette of sounds to convey the music, with variety being the all important element of the Sunday afternoon concerts.

...Carol Williams