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Carol Williams' CD's and DVD's

  TourBus on FaceBook
TourBus on FaceBook

Video DVD TourBus 11
The 1610 Compenius Organ
in Frederiksborg Castle
 in Denmark
(NTSC ALL Regions)

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Dolby Surround Sound

St. Paul's Cathedral
  Video Sample & Info 
TourBus 11 visits Denmark.
Staring the 1610 Compenius Organ.
Interview and guide through this historic instrument with castle organist Sven-Ingvart Mikkelsen;
Sven and Carol perform
on this sumptuous organ;
Short history of the
Frederiksborg Castle.

Video DVD TourBus 10
St. Paul's Cathedral
San Diego
(NTSC ALL Regions)

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
                  Surround Sound

St. Paul's Cathedral

  Video Sample & Info 
TourBus 10 visits St. Paul's
in San Diego.
Recent restoration of the first
church pipe organ of San Diego
by Michael Quimby. Performances
by Daniel Roth, Carol Williams
and Martin Green.
Organ demonstration, a tour
inside the case, and a brief
history told.
"Just Rags"

Piano & Organ ragtime hits


“Just Rags” Audio CD
The title says it all.
25 rage time hits with piano
and organ. Billy Joel, Scott Joplin
to Irving Berlin. An upbeat and
fun CD to listen to anywhere!

  Audio Sample & Info 

Video DVD TourBus 9
First Congregational Church
Los Angeles

(NTSC All Regions)

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
                    Surround Sound

                      Congregational Church

  Video Sample & Info 
TourBus 9 visits First Congregational Church of Los Angeles which brags the largest church pipe organ in the world with five pipe cases containing over 20,000 pipes. An interview,      demonstration, performance and a peek in the pipe case with Stewart Wayne Foster. The First Church history and  performances by Carol.

Music CD featuring
Carol Williams
on the St. Paul's Cathedral Organ
the House of Scotland Pipe Band
and the St. Paul's Choir.

Bagpipes and Organ

$ 15.00
   Audio Sample & info
“House of Scotland” Audio CD  24 traditional, favorite bagpipe pieces
with organ. Includes
“Highland Cathedral”,
“Scotland the Brave”,
an original by Carol
“Bonnie Eriskay” and much more!

   Music CD
"Carol's Christmas"
  Collection of
my 27 favorite carols !

Christmas Carols

$ 10.00
   Audio Sample & Info
“Carol’s Christmas” Audio CD Organ
performances of 27 traditional and favorite Christmas Holiday music.
For children & adults.
“Jingle Bells”, ”Joy to the World”,
“Adeste Fideles”.

Video DVD TourBus 8
TourBus goes Celtic

Bagpipes & Organ
(NTSC format All Regions)

TourBus goes Celtic
                    - Bagpip[es & Organ

$ 30.00

   Video Sample & Info 
TourBus 8 visits Scotland,
Wales & San Diego. Bagpipes &
Organ at the Spreckels Outdoor
Organ San Diego. A home interview
with composer Karl Jenkins in
Wales and a visit to a typical
Welsh chapel near Carol’s
birth place. We speak with Concert organist Kevin Bowyer in his
Scotland Castle and Carol
performs in Glasgow.

  Video DVD TourBus 7
Walt Disney Concert Hall
(NTSC format All Regions)

Special 10th Anniversary Edition
5.1 Surround Sound

                                                                Disney Concert

$ 30.00
   Video Sample & Info 
TourBus 7 goes to Disney Hall.   Building & Organ Architect Frank Gehry speaks of the challenges in this unique building and organ design, Organ   Conservator Phil Smith demonstrates, organ builder Manuel Rosales walks us through the four story pipe case and, Carol performs some of her own    compositions. Stunning areal views.

Carol Williams Plays
(Music CD) Volume 2
                                Williams plays Madness

  audio Sample & Info 

  Get Downloads of this CD
Carol Plays II “Madness” Audio CD
An exhilarating array of old & new
organ works includes
“Mad Rush” by Philip Glass;
“Widor’s Toccata”;
“Gymnopedia” by Erik Satie,
“The Hebrew Chorus”
by Giuseppe Verdi
and, many more.

Carol Williams Plays
(Music CD) Volume 1



  audio Sample & Info 

    Get Downloads of this CD 
“Carol Plays” Audio CD
Recorded at Saint Martin’s
church in Dudelange,
Organ works and transcriptions
by Karl Jenkins, Tournemire
& Iver Kleive.

Spreckels on the March !

Music CD by Carol Williams

Spreckels Organ

   audio Sample & Info 
“Spreckels on the March” Audio CD  
Carol on this 1914 Austin
outdoor pipe organ
in Balboa Park
San Diego.
20 popular marches
“Dam Busters’”,
“Wedding March”,
“Sousa on Parade”,
and Carol’s own “Dark Friesian”.

Traditional French romantic
organ music

French organ music


  audio Sample & Info 
“Mainly French” Audio CD   Austin Organ, St.Mary’s College, Moraga, CA. French romantic organ music. by Alexandre Guilmant, Marcel Paponaud, Claude Debussy, and Joseph Jongen.
Video DVD TourBus 6
TourBus goes to Ocean Grove
(NTSC format All regions)

                          great Auditorium Organ in Ocean Grove

video Sample & Info   

TourBus 6 goes to the Great
Meeting Hall Auditorium
of Ocean Grove,
New Jersey. With a concrete pipe
organ case; 10,823 pipes;
5 keyboards and,
seats 6,250 people,
this auditorium organ is a
monster to play. Gordon Turk
demonstrates, John Shaw shows
& tells of the historic Robert
Hope-Jones pipe works and
of the Ocean Grove
history. Carol performs

Video DVD TourBus 5
Luxembourg Tour Bus
( NTSC format-All regions)

the great
                      organs of Luxembourg

10 organs, 4 Disks,
over 5 hours

  video Sample & Info 
TourBus 5 is over five hours long with
interviews, performances and
demonstrations of ten Organs
around Luxembourg.
Places like Luxembourg Cathedral,
the Philharmonie, the  Conservatoire,
Basilica of St John and the
former Buckingham Palace organ now
in the Chapel of the Knight
Saarbrucken and, much more.
Carol also visits a local farmer’s market.

Video DVD TourBus 4
Paris Tour Bus
(NTSC format-All regions)

the organs of St.
                        Sulpice and Notre Dame Paris

  video Sample & Info   
TourBus 4 goes to Notre Dame and
St. Sulpice in Paris.
Carol gets in forbidden places like
the Crypt and rooftop archways.
Find Cavaille-Coll’s factory,
Mozart & Charles-Marie Widor homes.
Interviews with Daniel Roth
& Olivier Latry,
organ demonstrations, improvisations,
tour of the pipes and how the
“hunch back”

actually saved Notre Dame!

Video DVD TourBus 3
San Diego Tour Bus
( NTSC format - All regions )

the great
                          Spreckels Organ balboa Park San Diego

$ 30.00
  Video Sample & Info 
TourBus 3 goes to the world’s largest outdoor pipe organ, the Spreckels Organ in Balboa Park San Diego. Carol interviews the Curators and past Civic Organists to reveal a rich history almost spanning 100 years. A walk inside the unique Austin Organ wind chest and performances akin to a typical weekly     Sunday show.
Video DVD TourBus 1
Tour Bus Compilation
( NTSC format - All regions )

                      video series

$ 15.00

Compulation including an
interview with Carlo Curley
  video Sample & Info   

Video DVD  TourBus 2
Methuen Tour Bus
(NTSC format-All regions)

Methuen Music Hall Organ

$ 15.00

First Concert Hall
Organ in America
   video Sample & Info 
TourBus 2 goes to the Methuen
Memorial Music Hall, Massachusetts.
The first concert hall organ in the US
sailed from Germany in 1850,
installed in the Boston Music Hall.
A fairytale history told by the Society’s
President. Carol gets an extensive tour
inside this amazing pipe case, and
then performs live
on this great instrument.

Hey Wurlitzer

Carol plays the largest Wurlitzer
pipe organ in the world!
The five manual, 80 rank organ at The Victorian Palace,
Sanfilippo Residence, Illinois, USA 




Blenheim Palace

$ 50.00

 audio Sample & Info 

Read the Review

“Blenheim Palace” Audio CD
Carol plays the Historic
Father Willis Organ.
19 pieces Includes
“Songs of Praise”,
“Trumpet Voluntary”,
England’s Glory”, and

Oxford Town Hall

$ 75.00

 audio Sample & Info  


Carol Williams
Thank you for visiting !
( 2 hours )
Carol & Kerry's
Wedding Day
(plays worldwide)

organ music CD

  see preview
The Wedding Day of
Carol & Kerry 



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Carol Williams
  Concert Organist
San Diego Civic Organist
Artistic Director of the Spreckels Organ Society
  Artist in Residence St. Paul's Cathedral San Diego, CA

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