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Approved publicity photos

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Carol at PCC

Dr. Carol at Peachtree Christian Church
Atlanta, GA

Carol Williams 1b

Carol Williams
Carol Williams

Dr. Carol

Dr. Carol Williams

Carol Williams

Carol with the CWB
(Carol Williams Band)

Carol Williams

Carol Williams with her
Dietrich Buxtehude Bell

Carol and Harley at Spreckels

Carol and Harley

Carol Williams 2

Just Carol
Dr. Carol Williams

Carol Williams

Carol rockin

Carol Williams 6b

On the Bench

Carol Williams 4

Gowns R US !

Carol Williams

Dr. Carol

Carol Williams at the Disney
                  Concert Hall Organ

Dr. Carol
Walt Disney Concert Hall Organ

Carol Williams

Carol Williams

Carol Williams 7

Carol Williams
San Diego Civic Organist Emerita

Carol Williams rocks

Let's Rock

Credit: Chris Valle

Carol Williams

Carol Williams & Drive Like Jehu

Carol Williams on Hurricane Mamma

Hurricane Mamma
Walt Disney Concert Hall Organ
10th Anniversary Concert
Los Angeles, CA

Carol Williams and Jay the
                  Belgin Draft

Carol Williams and Jay, the Belgian Draft
at another benefit concert

silloette of Carol Williams on
                  the Spreckels Organ

before the Tattoo

Carol Williams in jazzy pants

Jazzy pants

Carol on the Wonder Morton

Carol Williams Balboa Theater

Carol's western 1

Dr. Carol
in the raw
Carol Williams performs at the

AGO National Conventio


CWB covers Bowie, The Doors and more ...
( Carol Williams Band )

Operation Rebound 2

CAF's Operation Rebound
12 hour Benefit Organ Concert

.jpg file

Review in "The Organ" (UK)

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Carol's review in the Organ
.pdf file

Article in the
"American Organist"

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AGO article
.pdf file

Article in "The Organ"

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The Organ magazine

.pdf file

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   AGO Jazz review

.pdf file

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   Article in "New York Times" 

Short Bio 2023

.pdf file

short Bio

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.pdf file

Royal Festival Hall review

RFH review

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Carol Williams performs a rainbow of organ colours
A born entertainer at the highest level takes on the Royal Festival Hall's refurbished giant
(The Arts Desk, London)

Her abundant technical facility is matched by her exemplary artistry’
The organist thrills us with music from across the spectrum, showing off the range and power of the Royal Festival Hall’s refurbished organ.
(The American Organist)

Carol Williams, ‘A hot-blooded artist who prefers to delight in the moment and wants to share it immediately with the audience ... very irresistible and atypical concert’
(Luxembourg Word)

"Enviable technique, and plays with splendid aplomb."
(The Diapason)

"Dr. Williams plays with passion and imagination, eliciting sounds that are alternately grandiose, ethereal, exotic, and colorful....Her abundant technical facility is matched by her exemplary artistry."
(The American Organist)

"A flawless program...[playing] as glittery as the gown she wore."
(The German Music Network)

"A brilliant but iconoclastic Carol Williams...the hot-blooded artist who prefers to delight in the moment and wants to share it immediately with the audience...very irresistible and atypical concert."
(Baltimore Music Scene)

"A virtuoso's flair...out of the thundering masses of sound Williams produced delicate, flower-like arpeggiated figures that touched the spirit....Rarely does one hear Messiaen's strikingly original voice played so compellingly, so naturally."
(The Washington Post)

"Williams plays with verve and style and an innate musicality. More than technically excellent, her playing is artistic without being artsy...extremely enjoyable."
Dayton Arts & Entertaining News, Dayton Ohio)

"A performance of epic proportions, in keeping with the artiste's already well-established reputation."
(Keyboard Player, London)

"Electrifying...she quickly had the audience in the palm of her hand...a brilliant performance; clear, bright, authoritative playing...flowing,seamless performance--superb!"
(The Organ, England)

"Williams takes Barrie by storm...flamboyant...magnificent."
(The Barrie Examiner, Canada)

"Rises to the challenges of her varied programs with a transparent grace and lightness of touch that more than compensate for the somber colors of this fine old instrument."
(The San Diego Union-Tribune)

"The delightful and extraordinarily talented artiste Carol Williams...truly stunning."
(The Nashville News)

"The power of the organ unleashed...Carol Williams chatted easily with the audience, introducing most of the pieces herself in a warm, approachable manner...awe inspiring...some Broadway razzamatazz...suitably jubilant...controlled complexity and mayhem."
(The Straits Times, Singapore)

"A virtuosic performance...A veteran of numerous performances at the outdoor Spreckels Pavilion, as well as recitals worldwide, Williams was right at home with the eclectic program, playing with brilliance in the Liszt, tenderness in the Cabena, playfulness in the Gershwin, and sheer enjoyment in the Kleive toccata."
(The Diapason, review of performance national AGO Convention, Chicago)


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Carol Williams
Concert Organist
San Diego Civic Organist Emerita
Host of "TourBus" to the large & Small, Famous & Unique Pipe Organs of the World
Host of "On The Bench with Dr. Carol"
Artistic in Residence, Peachtree Christian Church, Atlanta Georgia