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Rag Time

Just re-issued as a result of public demand, this is a dialogue between classical organ and piano for twenty-five rags spanning the century from Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag right through to recent winners such as Root Beer Rag. Played in Carol's inimitable style, this provides a scintillating musical tonic. It has been hugely popular and was used recently as the background music to a commercial advert on television.


Leicester Square Rag (audio sample now playing)
Tiger Rag (Hold that Tiger)
Black and White Rag
Britannia Rag
Maple Leaf Rag
12th Street Rag
Barrel House Rag
Root Beer Rag
Pine Apple Rag
Chatterbox Rag
Tin Pan Alley Rag
Spaghetti Rag
Ivory Rag
The Entertainer
Fiddlesticks Rag
Coronation Rag
Kitchen Rag
Zig-Zag Rag
Temptation Rag
Bugle Call Rag
Rhapsody Rag
Peacherine Rag
Russian Rag (Rockies Rag)
Alexander’s Ragtime Band

Copyright © 1985

Carol Williams
Concert Organist
Composer - Conductor
San Diego Civic Organist Emerita
Randolph College Organist - Organ Professor
Host of "TourBus" to the large & Small, Famous & Unique Pipe Organs of the World
Host of "On The Bench with Dr. Carol"
Artistic Director of The Virginia International Organ Festival